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HxGN SMART Visualization

HxGN SMART Visualization, part of Hexagon Innovation, develop and deliver a wide range of visualization technologies for mobile, desktop, AR, VR and Web.
HxGN SMART Visualization was previously myVR Software.

Processing plant near gold mine

The features offered by HxGN SMART Visualization are shared technology components for visualization and interaction across the divisions of Hexagon, and is available as a native SDK built for multiple platforms.

HxGN SMART Visualization also provides a powerful data pre-processing tool for optimizing data for streaming and mobile usage.
Please note that our technologies are exclusively available to Hexagon entities.

Beyond excellent performance characteristics we bring a series of vital features to applications built on HxGN SMART Visualization:

Processing plant near gold mine

Multiple data types

  • The different divisions base their products on different types of data; point clouds, CAD models, geospatial data and more. HxGN SMART Visualization allows all of these to base their visualization needs on the same technology in a unique combined way.

Multiple data formats

  • Within each data type, there are also multiple formats capable of representing some or all aspects of a data type. HxGN SMART Visualization uses a combination of third party libraries and internal format support to facilitate a broad range of supported formats.

Geo-reference everything

  • Often data such as point clouds or CAD models live in their own, local coordinate systems. HxGN SMART Visualization exposes functionality for placing any kind of data in a geospatial context so that finally all your data gets a location.

Single view for all data

  • Unique to HxGN SMART Visualization, all of these data types and formats, geo-referenced or not, can be combined in the same view. Complex 3D models can live on top of OpenStreetMap, point clouds can hover above the harbor in a 3-dimensional representation of LA etc. allowing you to freely combine data sets in the same view.

Multiple platforms

  • HxGN SMART Visualization technology runs on several types of hardware and platforms such as iOS, Android, native Windows, Linux and OSX and HTML5.
    Additionally we actively work within the realms of VR and AR on devices such as the HoloLens, Daqri, Oculus and Vive. Among other things this allows the development of applications featuring data-driven collaboration across platforms and devices.

Processing plant near gold mine

More information on HxGN SMART Visualization and its role within Hexagon can be found in the company overview.
Contact either CEO Rune Fjellvang or CTO Martin Havnør for further information or access to HSV technology.

HxGN LIVE 2017

Join us in Las Vegas, Nevada, 13-16 June 2017 for even more technology demonstrations and in-depth talks.

HxGN LIVE 2016

Experience a taste of HxGN SMART Visualization in this video presented at HxGN Live 2016!